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If a worm or a virus does find a security vulnerability and compromises your system, it can do one of several things.

To begin with, it will almost always start looking for other systems to attack so that it can spread itself further.

Worms and viruses have dramatically increased the need for network security of all kinds—especially the need for host-based firewalls.

Individuals still launch some attacks, though, and these are generally the most dangerous.

Then, they trust their local police to patrol the streets and respond to any crimes that occur.

Introduction The Nature of Today’s Attackers The Firewall to the Rescue Types of Firewalls How a Firewall Works Host-Based Firewalls Network Firewalls Firewalls for Small Offices and Home Offices Firewalls for Enterprises Firewall Products Summary Firewalls are a key part of keeping networked computers safe and secure.

All computers deserve the protection of a firewall, whether it’s the thousands of servers and desktops that compose the network of a Fortune 500 company, a traveling salesperson’s laptop connecting to the wireless network of a coffee shop, or your grandmother’s new PC with a dial-up connection to the Internet.

Beyond prevention, law enforcement generally only responds to the most serious network intrusions.

The average Internet-connected home or business is attacked dozens of times per day, and no police force is equipped to handle that volume of complaints.

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Losses from computer crime are hard to quantify and predict, and as a result most business insurance policies do little to compensate for the losses that result from a successful attack.

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