Updating to windows xp service pack 1

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Updating to windows xp service pack 1

Well, SP2 includes a host of tweaks and bug fixes (if you would like to, you can read the full list at scid=kb; EN-US;811113), but anyone who has followed a fraction of the press stories will understand why its main preoccupation is with extra Internet security — Microsoft themselves describe SP2 as offering 'changes to network protection, memory protection, email handling, and enhanced browser security.' It includes a new Windows firewall that is activated by default (those already running alternative personal firewall utilities such as Zone Alarm should therefore disable them).Nero Burning ROM and Nero 6 Ultra are both affected, as is AOL 9.0, Pinnacle's Studio 9 and Instant CD/DVD 7, plenty of games, various firewalls and virus checkers, and even a selection of Microsoft's own applications, including Office and Word XP.Some users have reported greatly increased use of RAM with SP2, compared to SP1, presumably to run the extra security features, with the result that a PC with 512MB of RAM ran more slowly, although I didn't notice any increase in RAM use on my 1GB PC.More remarkable is that Microsoft themselves are apparently going to offer a totally free CD-ROM version to anyone who requests it.

Many users have also noticed that their browsing experience feels considerably more responsive.

Back in PC Notes March 2004, I mentioned that Microsoft had released a Beta version of the Windows XP SP2 (Service Pack 2) to their registered Beta testers.

As I write this, the final version is available in its full-blown IT Professional and Developers version — although, at 266MB, it won't be a popular download for those with 56k modems.

Unfortunately, as some of its users have already found, the Sonar mixing engine uses some self-generating/modifying code that can cause Windows to stop execution of the code and warn about a possible security problem.

Fortunately, it's fairly easy to add Sonar to the list of specific applications that ignore DEP (see the Cakewalk web site at details).

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Steinberg have already announced that while Cubase SX, Nuendo and HALion don't benefit from SP2 in any way, there are no problems with it being installed.

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