Stop mandating cfl

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Stop mandating cfl

The bulb, made of fused quartz instead of soda lime glass, is filled with the same inert gases as incandescent lamps mixed with small amounts of a halogen gas (usually less than 1% bromine).The halogen chemically reacts with the tungsten deposit to produce tungsten halides.Thus for the same light, you save over 80% of your electricity bills. CFLs can be simply fitted onto a standard bulb fixture and they come in various colors… The only catch: CFL cost almost 10 times that of a standard bulbs (out here in my city!) This is a longer initial setup cost, but, given the energy saving and much longer lifespan of CFL, it is a much better alternative.This slows down the evaporation of the tungsten from the filament, increasing the life of the lamp.

Since the bulb is small and usually fairly strong due to its thicker walls, it can be filled with gas to a higher than usual pressure.

Both he and Thomas Edison finally improved this lamp for practical use around 1878.

Edison installed the first successful electric lighting system in 1880.

Halogen lamps can also pose a safety threat, as the heat generated can range from 250-900°F (121-482°C).

Oil lamps with glass chimneys were the predecessors to electric lamps.

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This blackening process continuously reduces the light out-put over the life of the lamp.

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