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However, it is recommended for women who have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Instead, it should be used as a complementary screening tool.For women at high risk for breast cancer, the American Cancer Society guidelines recommend having a breast MRI and mammogram every year.A radiologist is a medical doctor who performs and interprets imaging tests to diagnose disease.The radiology technologist is specially trained and certified to perform MRI scans but does not interpret them.When you are in the correct position, the table will slide into the MRI machine.This machine looks like a large donut with a narrow, tunnel-like opening.For some people, the contrast material may cause an allergic reaction.It may also cause problems for patients with kidney or liver problems.

The saline solution in the IV may cause a cool feeling at the injection site.It states you understand the benefits and risks of the breast MRI and agree to have the test done.Talk with your doctor about any concerns you have about the procedure.These images are combined to create detailed pictures of the inside of your breasts.This test has many uses, including: Breast MRI is not recommended for routine screening for most women.

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For best results, if you are premenopausal, your MRI should be scheduled during days 7 through 10 of your menstrual cycle. When you schedule your MRI, you will get detailed instructions on how to prepare.

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