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Karnataka aunty

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The piping hot biryani paired with some onion cucumber salad and piping hot spicy rasam is simply delicious.

This special type of biryani is name donne biryani as the vendors serve piping hot biryani’s in donne(palm leaf cups).

It is truly a special type of biryani, the intoxicating blend of spices, coriander and mint leaves and ghee gives out a quintessential aroma that would hit you nostrils and the taste buds would start salivating.

The hotel guys also specialize in sides like pepper chicken, mutton roast and lot more. So one of the Sunday I decided to give a try making donne biryani.

Shivaji millitary hotel guys have a secret recipe which is kept secret for many years and the 2 brothers who are the owners are the only cooks who knows the secret and they are the ones who cook.

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