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On performs the magic trick of reviving the marriage plot, the narrative engine that powered everything from Shakespeare to Austen, but has lost much of its force now that marriage is no longer the only socially acceptable way to have sex.It is no longer a one-time only proposition from which one can escape only at the risk of the condemnation of parents, community, and God.They are all, except for the once-married Amir, virgins.Needless to say, their dating lives have a real sense of urgency—though it’s shortchanging their beliefs to ascribe that only to sexual frustration.When Hodaya’s lovely, liberal, non-observant boyfriend comes to dinner, her friends joke with him, treating him as if, to put it in an American context, he believes in gun control and has just sat down for dinner in an NRA household.

The five are all Religious Zionist, unmarried and at their late twenties or early thirties, and must cope with a society that expects people to get married early. When she confesses her feelings, he admits he knew it all along but does not reciprocate.

The series depicted the lives of five national religious single men and women, in their 30s, who reside in Jerusalem.

Srugim, which dealt with controversial issues in the Religious Zionist society in Israel, caused a public uproar within that sector.

Tired of Jerusalem, Yifat moves to a quiet settlement. Reut breaks up with Yochai and goes on a long trip to India.

Amir begins visiting Yifat and the two become close friends. Season 2 beging approximately six months after the conclusion of season 1.

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When Hodaya becomes non-observant—has sex, stops keeping kosher, stops observing the Sabbath—she never quite feels a part of the secular world: She may have split with God, but her friends still understand things about her the non-religious can’t.