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Hacked webcam forum

The package manager checks that it is a true signed package.

If you trust Ubuntu developers and maintainers, then you can feel safe with official packages. On the other hand, if you get packages from some unofficial place or let someone you can't trust have physical access to your computer, or allow remote connections, then who knows what might happen.

It will then identify the name of the process via a system notification and it will give the user the option to terminate and block the process.

In the age of the Internet of Things, that’s a pretty scary notion.

But what if the malware activates when you In a security demonstration this week, ex-NSA and NASA employee Patrick Wardle, wrote a malware sample that showed how hackers can spy and record audio and video within a Mac webcam stream by hiding within legitimate apps like Skype, Google Hangouts or Face Time.

Since the victim expects the webcam light to be on during these video sessions, the malware could pilfer the video and audio stream without being detected.

To help combat these kinds of potential webcam attacks on Macs, Wardle released a free monitoring tool called Oversight.

According to Oversight's notes, the tool can detect if a secondary process accesses the camera while it's already in use.

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im using Ubuntu 10.10 with acer travel mate 6292 webcam : Crystal eye Please explain to me.. Other than that i have never encountered something alike so far.