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We've come up with plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained at home and outside of your home.Go for a hike, fly a kite, or grab a well-loved book to reread.

Nip your procrastinating problem in the bud with these tips. Double-check things Being careless can be very costly.

Here are some tips to make groceries last and to preserve your clothes. Reward credit cards If you're good with your money, taking advantage of reward credit cards would work very well in your favor.

Figure out what the biggest things you spend money on are and find the best reward cards for that category.

It's an option to consider if you're not a big TV fanatic. Improve your credit score Working on your credit score will save you money in ways you won't expect. Take care of your things Something that tends to trip up our savings is having to buy new things when the items we own broke or get worn out.

For example, you'll get a lower interest rate on your mortgage and credit cards, better rates on insurance, and some companies like your cell phone provider or cable company may waive big deposits for your clean credit record. You can prevent that by properly taking care of your things and lenghtening their lives.

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Read about how one woman saves over $300 a year on no-contract plans. Get fake flowers Instead of continually buying flowers, get fake flowers that look real to freshen up your home.

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