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Part of this is that I have twenty-five first cousins on just my dad’s side, so the “Relatives” portion of my brain is a little taxed.But part of it is the realities of modern day families.So, actually you and the love of your life Maeby wouldn’t count in this situation.

Sorry, George Michael, but you’ll notice I said “distant” cousin.

Or, to make it blunt, you and your date have a great-great-grandparent in common. And while time itself does not dilute the gene-pool, basic mating does. So all those best-friends-turned-lovers relationships just got weird. If you and a close relative had both decided not to have children, society would not smile on your union just because it won’t produce an X-child.

You and your third-cousin-lover share less than 1 percentage of your DNA. Humans have evolved to be unattracted to people with whom we are closely reared.

Now contrary to what you might be thinking, this is not a post where I encourage everyone to join my Kissing Cousins Are OK protest group. But I do want TV writers to stop with the easy cop out. But instead of creating a real problem or actual conflict, they just happened to talk about a random relative living in Boston to break them up.

Liz Lemon couldn’t possibly find happiness with a hot guy in season one, so there had to be something wrong with him. The writers did that even though there were plenty of good reasons to break them up.

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After doing a little research, we are surprised to find that, in about half of the U. Of course, your question does not concern the legality of your prospective union, but what society will say.

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