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: Haarmann stalked the train stations of post-WWI Hannover searching for young boys.

He enjoyed biting his prey to death and making sausages with their remains.

When all was ready I went to the window and called her.

I knew if I did not, I would get her blood on them.

In effect, we are dealing with two different people when we talk of the 15 year boy who committed the murder and the 23 year old man we see before us now... He related in detail one story of a man who had murdered a man, aquired his yacht and was later captured and killed by head hunters... I have milk in my breasts; I am going to give birth!

It is my opinion that he has made a very excellent response to the years of treatment and rehabilitation and I would see no psychiatric reason to consider him to be of any danger to himself or to any member of society." : Found by police in Dahmer's apartment: Skulls stripped of hair and skin, stashed on the shelves and in the fridge. A torso in the kitchen sink ripped open from the neck to groin. Henry Lucas: I think it was just the hands doing it. When asked about the sexual aspects of this activity he commented on the great variations in age of the bodies. " Nina Beletskaya: "I wanted to see this man who could rip open my son's stomach and then stuff mud in his mouth so that he would not cry out. The way they killed these innocent women is unimaginable.

" In custody Sagawa was found incompetent to stand trial and placed in the Paul Guiraud asylum in Paris.

Through family connections he was transferred to a hospital in Tokyo.

: Kroll operated in the Ruhr-area of Germany for over 20 years to the tune of 14 dead.The whole syndicate was making money by having my mom poison me. Ottis, you know everything you say is going on tape here? Remember how I liked to pour some blood out on them?" : "If I were seeing this patient without having any history available or without getting the history from him, I would think that we're dealing with a very well adjusted young man who had initiative, intelligence and who was free of any psychiatric illness... It's the force of the devil, something forced on us that we can't change. : "He stated that prior to the first grave robbing incident, he had been reading adventure stories of head hunters and cannibals.In the mid-sixties, after his six murder, he tasted human flesh and discovered an affinity for it.On July 3, 1976, police entered his apartment and found plastic bags full of human flesh in the refrigerator as well as a stew simmering on the stove with carrots, potatoes, and the hand of a missing four-year-old girl.

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Two 50 gallon garbage cans filled with rotting torsos. Suddenly the whole forest began to writhe and the trees, stark and erect, to ooze blood... Robin Gecht, Tommy Kokorolies, Andy Kokorolies, and Eddie Sprietzer made up this horrible group. Then they would cut the breast into little pieces and then eat it." : Another post-WWI-German degenerate that made a living selling human flesh.

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