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Most of the time, gonorrhea in the throat does not cause any symptoms, but sometimes it causes a sore throat similar to a strep throat infection (gonoccal pharyngitis). The risk of getting gonorrhea or chlamydia infections in the throat is higher with fellatio than with cunnilingus. You can reduce the risk of gonorrhea and chlamydia transmission during oral sex if you avoid ejaculate in the mouth. Whether or not you have symptoms of either infection in the throat, getting tested and treated, and getting your partner treated will prevent passing the infection back and forth. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) doesn’t live on mucous membranes, but it can travel in blood, ejaculate, vaginal secretions, and other bodily fluids. The risk of HIV from oral sex is way lower than from anal or vaginal sex—but it’s not zero....

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“This broad issue of underemployment,” says NELP senior counsel George Wentworth, “there’s less of a light on it and these people are not showing up in national unemployment figures....

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